Wilmington Friends Church

66 N. Mulberry Street

Wilmington, Ohio 45177

(937) 382-2349


Wilmington Friends Meeting seeks to be a community of faith that nurtures the living light of Christ in its members and welcomes others who desire a personal relationship with Christ. We seek to promote peace on a personal, community, national, and world level.

Service Hours: Meeting for Worship is Sunday at 10am, Meeting for Business is the 1st Sunday at 11am, Coffee and Fellowship after worship. Sunday school is at 11:15am.


Campus Friends

The Meetinghouse at the Quaker Heritage Center
(937)382-6661, ext. 239


The website gives this quote from T. Canby Jones, professor emeritus of religion and philosophy, about the religious understanding which is the foundation for Wilmington’s Quaker character:

“The Quaker conviction that something of God is found in everyone is the source of the Quaker concern to teach. Every student is a teacher and every teacher a student because each hungers to be taught by the voice of Truth speaking through the other. We expect to be taught by a Teacher greater than ourselves who may well speak through anyone present. Isaiah 30:19-21 expresses it powerfully”

Service Hours: Weekly Wednesday Worship is held in the meeting house from 12:15 to 12:45 every Wednesday and features a different speaker or religious representative from the Wilmington College Community each week.
Sundays in the meeting house the Campus Friends hold the traditional, unprogrammed  Quaker form of service at 10:30am, in which worshipers gather in silence and speak when they feel moved by the spirit.


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