You wont Find any Snickers at the Crave. You wont find Reese’s Cups either. You wont find a bag of M&M’s. What you will find is the good-old-fashioned stuff . the hard to get stuff: hunks of fudge, Rock Candy, Gumballs, Jaw Breakers, Saltwater Taffy and, oh yeah, jars and jars of chocolates.

When Wilmington College Alumnus, Rhonda Wheasler opened the Crave early last year, she wanted a place like the general stores and candy shops she visited as a girl. The kind of place where people could come with the change in their pockets and leave with a bag full of goodies. For only a few dollars, customers can pick wither a quarter, half or full pound bag and fill it with their favorite penny candy, anything from chocolate covered gummy bears to pixy-stix, and hand-pick their own chocolates for a box of their favorites or grab a pack of candy cigarettes for the road.

In addition to hosting events, the Crave also offers seasonal specials like teas, hot chocolate and caramel apples throughout the year. When finals roll around, be sure to pick up and EXAM WEEK Survival Basket.



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